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Carre, E. G.                 Praying Hyde                                        

Grubb, Norman            C T Studd                                           

Grubb, Norman            Rees Howells:  Intercessor           

Howard, Philip             The Life and Diary of David Brainerd

Mueller, George           The Autobiography Of George Mueller

Taylor, Howard             Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret  



Blackaby, Henry & King, C    Experiencing God

Bounds, E.M.                        E.M. Bounds On Prayer

Chambers, Oswald               My Utmost for His Highest   

Christenson. Evelyn              What Happens When Women Pray? 

Cymbala, Jim                        Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Zondervan

Duewel, Wesley                    Touch The World Through Prayer 

Guyon, Madame                    Experiencing God Through Prayer 

Hallesby, Ole                         Prayer  

Huegel, F.J.                           The Ministry Of Intercession 

Hunt, T.W.                             The Life Changing Power of Prayer  

Lawrence, Brother                The Practice Of The Presence Of God

Lord, Peter                            Hearing God   

Moody, D.L.                           Prevailing Prayer

Moore, Beth                          Praying God’s Word  

Mueller, George                   Answers To Prayer

Murray, Andrew                    The Ministry of Intercession 

Murray, Andrew                    With Christ In The School Of Prayer 

Piper, John                           A Hunger For God   

Stanley, Charles                   Handle With Prayer 

Tozer, A.W.                          The Pursuit Of God   

Wallis, Arthur                       God’s Chosen Fast  


Blackaby, Henry & King, C        Fresh Encounter

Franklin, John                           A House of Prayer

Franklin, John                           And The Place Was Shaken

Hunt, T.W.                                 Disciple’s PrayerLife 

Johnstone, Patrick                    Operation World

Kamstra Douglas                      The Praying Church Idea Book

Maxwell, John                           Partners in Prayer

Vander Griend, Alvin                 Houses of Prayer Everywhere 




Blackaby, Henry & King, C.      Fresh Encounter 

Culpepper C.L.                         The Shantung Revival

Duewel, Wesley                       Revival Fire! 

Edwards, Brian                         Revival – A People Saturated With God 

Edwards, Jonathan                   Revival 

Eklund, Bob                              Spiritual Awakening 

Greenfield, John                       Power From On High 

Hunter, John                             Finding What’s Missing 

Hunter, John                             Finding God’s Secrets

Jones, Martin Lloyd                  Revival 

Lewis, Jessie Penn                  The Awakening In Wales

Olford, Stephen                        Heart Cry For Revival

Orr, Edwin, J.                           Campus Aflame 

Owens, Ron                             Return To Worship      

Fehsenfeld, Del, Jr.                  Ablaze With His Glory

Ravenhill, Leonard                   Revival Praying 

Ravenhill, Leonard                   Why Revival Tarries

Ravenhill, Leonard                   America, You’re Too Young To Die    

Roberts, Richard Owen            Revival

Stewart, James                        Opened Windows: The Church And Revival

Stewart, James                        God’s New Thing