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John Franklin Ministries
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I'm John Franklin, and have a passion to see revival come to God's people and a spiritual awakening to our land since 1989 when I was a student.  My ministry experience in this arena particularly includes serving as a national consultant in prayer for LifeWay Christian Resources for eight years, and serving in my own ministry since 2005.  Other experience includes the pastorate and church staff positions, one of which was that of minister of prayer. 

My spiritual perspective has been formed in three particular ways.  First, reading Scripture.  Second, hearing great men of God speak in this arena.  Second, my time at LifeWay brought me into contact with people from several thousand churches and enlightened my understanding significantly as to the spiritual needs of God's people, particularly concerning revival.  My desire is to address those things that are prerequisites for a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit on His people and the transformation of our land.


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